Our Students

Angela Dimitrovska

I am a Fullbright graduate student and just completed my first year which were primarily pre-requisite courses. My scholarly interests are in media studies and specifically I am focused on children's media literacy. During the summer of 2014 I got two internships in New York; one working with Little Airplane Productions and the other working with Sesame Street. I also attended the Prix Jeunesse International May 30-June 4, 2014 in Munich, Germany for which I judged children's programming and was invited to attend the festival.

Sabrina Roberts

I am a Detroit Native who lived in Florida before settling in Southern California. I earned my undergraduate degree in Communication (with an emphasis in Public Relations) from Cal Poly Pomona in 2010.

Currently, I am a second year Integrated Marketing Communications master's degree candidate and I teach COMM 120 as a Graduate Teaching Associate. I love teaching college, and I am interested in public relations, social media management, marketing and higher education. My goals are to continue teaching communication part-time while working in a marketing/ public relations role.

Grad tip: In graduate school you may get overwhelmed by different responsibilities and obligations. Just remember to take a breath and do the most important tasks first. Maybe sure to prioritize your time to avoid stress.

Stacy Wiedmaier

Originally from Missouri, I graduated with a journalism and broadcasting degree before relocating to Southern California to work as a print news reporter with Gannett. Now producing local television news, I hope to climb the corporate ladder far enough to become an executive producer of investigative reports.

Grad tip: Once you survive COMM 600, the hardest part is over. Don't give up!

Han Yin

I am an International student hailing from China. I was a Mass Media Communication major in my undergraduate education. Now I am interested in Public Relations and Marketing, so I am pursuing my graduate degree in Communication with the Integrated Marketing Communication track. I want to find an internship after I graduate in anything related to marketing!

Danielle White

I received my Bachelor's of Art in Communication with a Public Relations concentration and a minor in Marketing, I am currently enrolled in the Master's program for the Integrated Marketing and Communication. It is my goal to work in a position with a corporation related to marketing or PR.

My background experience has predominately been within the entertainment industry and nonprofit organizations. I have worked with a radio personality, reality TV star, and Create Now.

I have tons of advice I would offer new graduates, but the most important advice that I have is to use your time wisely. My first quarter I thought that I would be able to maintain my social life, while working full time and going to school, I quickly learned that sacrifices were needed if I was going to be successful in this program.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
― Winston Churchill