Graduate Program

The M.A. in Communication is designed for students who wish to apply advanced communication perspectives, methodologies, and competencies in their careers and for those who wish to advance from this degree to further graduate work. This program is unique in its distinct intercultural orientation, cultivating an understanding of national, ethnic, gender, and other cultural differences in a wide range of communication settings and activities. Students are encouraged to develop focused programs of study (e.g. corporate communication, media studies, or communication education). An understanding and application of intercultural communication theory and practice, however, will contextualize the students' program. There are two tracks in our graduate program: Communication Studies and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).

Application Deadline: July 20; please ensure that ALL supporting documents (including official transcripts) reach CSUSB Graduate Admissions


All applicants must submit the CSUMentor graduate application


Also, all applicants must submit all documents needed to complete the Cal State San Bernardino and Department of Communication Studies admission files. 


A list of specific documents is required by CSUSB


Information for international applicants


In addition, the Department of Communication Studies requires the following of all applicants:


1. Three letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's academic aptitude and accomplishments; and


2. A one-page essay describing the role the applicant sees the M.A. in Communication Studies playing in accomplishing his or her life/career goals.


Note: If the applicant wishes to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Associateship, the applicant must also submit (1) a curriculum vitae or resume and (2) a one-page statement of intent outlining qualifications along with the other application materials (see Assistantships).


CSUSB graduate students currently enrolled in another program must also submit a Change of Program application and supporting materials by March 15.